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Hy-Power Products Ltd possesses a wide range of on-site engineering, simulation and testing facilities to assist our customers.   Please see below an outline of some of our capabilities:

Computer aided capabilities:

A full Autodesk 3D CAD suite of programs allowing the creation of 3D models, renders and fully dimensioned orthographic drawings of components.
Simulators to demonstrate effects of deflection, stresses and more on a particular component or assembly.
A fluid power simulation package; allowing us to view the operation of new hydraulic circuits before supply and produce schematic diagrams.

Engineering Workshop facilities

A 2m between centres Colchester lathe with a turning capacity of up to 315 mm diameter solid bar in most materials. This allows us to produce a wide range of non-standard parts including, but not limited, to hydraulic cylinders.
Also available are manual milling, drilling and tapping machines as well as a Hurco 4 axis CNC milling machine – however output form this is usually devoted to our bespoke pump manufacturing cell producing aluminium and cast iron gear pumps.
In addition to the above machinery we have MIG welding facilities with options of standard wire and flux core welding.  Other fabrication equipment includes a plasma cutter and horizontal band saw.
A lapping/surface polishing machine is also available for giving new life to valve plates, shoe plates and cylinder blocks.
Fully equipped booth with extractor for the painting of cylinders, powerpacks, pumps and other components in a variety of colours. Using standard machinery enamel or two pack paint with standard or etched primer.

Testing facilities.

There are three main test rigs on site for the testing of most hydraulic pumps and motors (motors are run-in and initially tested as pumps, although we do have the facility to test small-medium motors as motors). All test rigs record speed, flow and pressure and electronically logs the results, most sections also have temperature logging. The test rigs have the below capacities:

Rig 1:
45 KW
0-1500 RPM
3 sections therefore can run pumps with up to three outputs, soon to be upgraded to 4
300 bar max pressure
Electronically Data logged at specified sample rate (our standard is 100 ms)
Suitable for gear, vane and open loop piston pumps on this rig.

Rig 2:
150 KW
0-1500 RPM
3 sections (again to be upgraded to 4)
250 bar max pressure
Electronically data logged as above.
Suitable for gear pump, vane pump and open loop piston pumps

Rig 3:
110 Kw
0-2400 RPM
4 sections for open loops tests
2 closed loop systems (i.e. can test a tandem/double closed loop pump)
300 bar max pressure
Electronically data logged as above
DC power source for solenoid controls etc (12 and 24 VDC)
Additional pilot source for closed loop units without boost pumps.

And finally we have a test rig built specifically for the testing of scotch yoke pumps as found on the early Massey Ferguson tractors.

For a multiple section pump all sections will be loaded sequentially so the max power will only relate to one section at a time (applies on all rigs)