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Hose Assemblies

One of the most common components of most hydraulic circuits are the hose assemblies connecting the other components used. Like veins and arteries they are very much taken for granted until they go wrong. Hy-Power Products Ltd manufactures hydraulic hose assemblies in all types of hydraulic hose up to 2" bore. Backed up by an enormous range of thread and flange type hose fittings we can offer assemblies to replace almost every option requested by our customers. So whether it be an assembly with Poclain flanges or ORFS fittings we can do it in addition to the usual BSP, JIC/UNF, or Metric types.

When requesting a hose assembly with a 90 and or 135 degree bend at both ends please indicate the directions they are to point relative to each other, please also indicate whether the overall length quoted is hose only or the outside overall length. Please also indicate the bore, hose size and type and the fitting sizes and types or send the original assembly in for us to match and we will give a no obligation quote before manufacture.