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Warranties & Repairs

Due to the effects of contamination on aluminium gear pumps it is only in very rare cases that the only option available to us is to repair one of these as we would always suggest replacing with a new unit unless the problem is not wear related. However cast iron gear, piston pumps and vane pumps and motors are very much reparable. Their overall value is higher and in the case of piston and vane units the housings themselves are non wearing and of considerable worth. In many cases it is therefore cheaper and quicker to repair a piston or vane pump than supply a new one and in both cases these repairs are carried out in house by Hy-Power Products Ltd. All units are fully tested on completion of the rebuild before return to the customer.

Hy-Power Products Ltd does not charge to collect, strip and quote for repair so when you have a hydraulic pump or motor that is failing please contact Hy-Power Products Ltd to arrange for a free no obligation quotation on the repair or replacement of your hydraulic pumps and motors.